Black and white whisky price in Up | 2023 Updated price.

We will give information about Black and White whisky price in Up in this article. For more than a century, whiskey connoisseurs have cherished the classic blend of black and white whiskey. It was first created by Scottish businessman James Buchanan, who had a deep passion for whisky blending. Black and White Whisky is a blended Scotch whiskey made by blending various malt and grain whiskies.

The price of Black and White whisky in each volume size (90ml, 180ml, 375ml, and 750ml) will now be discussed.

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Black And White whisky price in Up.

BrandVolumePrice in INR
Black and white whisky price in Up180ml500₹/-
Black and white whisky price in Up375ml950₹/-
Black and white whisky price in Up750ml1800₹/-
Black and white whisky price in Up1000ml2500₹/-


Depending on taste, there are various methods to enjoy White and Blue whiskey. Others prefer to dilution with water or ice, while some prefer to drink it plain (without any mixers or ice). Following are some whiskey drinking advice

  1. Use a Glencairn glass, a whiskey tumbler, or any other glass made specifically for whiskey.
  2. Start with a modest amount and take slow sips to really appreciate the flavor.
  3. The flavors and smells can be improved by adding a few drops of water.
  4. If you prefer your whiskey on the rocks, use one or two large ice cubes to prevent it from becoming overly diluted.
  5. Enjoy and savor the whiskey’s flavor and aroma, and don’t be afraid to experiment with it to find your favorite way to consume it.

About Black And White Whisky

Black and White Whisky is a blend of malt and grain whiskies that is used to make Scotch whiskey. These whiskies are meticulously selected and blended during the distillation process to get the proper flavor character.For more than a century, whisky aficionados have enjoyed the classic Black and White blend. This vintage whisky stands out from the competition thanks to the distinctive black and white scottie child on a vivid red background that appears on the label.

Previously a grain merchant, Scottish businessman James Buchanan produced the first batch of Black and White whiskey in 1884.Black and White whisky is made by Diageo, a reputable alcohol corporation with a lengthy history in the whisky industry. the finest malt and grain whiskies available.

These whiskies are skilfully blended to create a smooth flavor character. The precise mixing ratios and ageing procedures provide a dependable and high-quality product. As a result, a smooth and well-balanced whisky is produced, demonstrating the expertise and dedication of the master blenders behind Black and White.

The flavor of black and white whiskey is well-rounded and pleasant. It has citrus, vanilla, honey, and honeysuckle notes on the scent, along with a smoky undertone. A gratifying and lingering finish is produced by the palate’s delectable blend of fruity sweetness, caramel, and a dash of spice. Both experienced and novice whiskey drinkers will enjoy the flavorful symphony that is produced by the careful blending of whiskeys.

Black & White whisky has garnered accolades for its exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal on a global scale. The brand has received numerous awards and honors from prominent competitions as the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), San Francisco World Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge (ISC), and World Whiskies Awards.

Country of originScotland
Area ServedWorldwide
BrandBlack and White
TypeBlended Scotch Whisky
Alcohol by volume40%
ColourRich Gold
Tasting Notessmooth, light, fresh and spicy with smoky hints
Official WebsiteDiageo
Black and White whisky price in Up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Black and white Whisky Price in Up

What is the price of Black and White Whisky in Up?

The price of Black and White Whisky in Up is 1800₹/-Rupees

Black and White price in Up 375 ml ?

The price of 375ml Black and White whisky in up is 1300₹/- Rupees

What is Full bottle price of Black and White in Up?

The price of Full bottle in up is 1800₹/-


We really hope that this post has provided you with more details about the Black and White Scotch pricing in India right now. It is crucial to realize that a number of factors, including state taxation, consumer demand, and production costs, influence the cost of alcoholic beverages.
Therefore, we suggest that you stop by your local alcohol merchant to find out the exact price of Black and White Scotch whisky in India.

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