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Today, we’ll take a look at the “Signature Whisky Price In India ”. This in-depth guide will also let you know about the prices of Signature whisky.

The volumetric 90ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1Ltr and 2Ltr Price of Signature Whisky cost of Signature Whisky.

We shall discuss the price of Signature whisky in India in this article. For its smooth flavor and premium ingredients, Signature is a well-liked and fairly priced whiskey in India.
Due to its reputation for having a rich, complex flavor, signature whisky is a favorite among whisky enthusiasts. By blending multiple whiskies, signature whisky, a type of blended whisky, is produced. The blend may contain a variety of whiskies, including malt and grain whiskies. The goal of Signature whisky is to create a smooth and unique flavor that is unmatched by any other whisky.

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Signature Whisky Price in India | Signature whisky price 750ml

Signature whiskey in mumbai750 ml1340₹/-
Signature whiskey in Odisha750 ml1100₹/-
Signature whiskey in Kolkata750 ml1050₹/-
Signature whiskey in Kerala750 ml1410₹/-
Signature whiskey in Punjab750 ml800₹/-
Signature whiskey in Pune750 ml980₹/-
Signature whiskey In Up750 ml880₹/-
Signature whiskey in Haryana750 ml780₹/-
Signature whiskey in Jharkhand750 ml1050₹/-
Signature whiskey in Bangalore750 ml1500₹/-
Signature whiskey in Uttarakhand750 ml1200₹/-
Signature whisky price in India

Signature Whisky Price in Mumbai

Brand Signature WhiskyRate
Signature whisky price in India

Signature Whisky price in Kolkata

Brand Signature whisky volumeRate
90 ml130₹/-
180 ml200₹/-
375 ml400₹/-
750 ml800₹/-
1000 ml1000₹/-

Signature whisky price in Delhi

Signature whisky volumePrice
180ml 238₹/-
375 ml350₹/-
1000 ml900₹/-

Signature whisky price in kerala

Signature whisky volumeprice
90 ml150₹/-
180 ml320₹/-
375 ml650₹/-
750 ml1350₹/-
1000 ml1600₹/-
Signature whisky price in india


There are two types of Signature whisky: Signature Premium Whisky and Signature Rare Aged Whisky. While the Rare Aged Whisky is a blend of rare Scotch malts and imported Indian malts, the Premium Whisky is made from a combination of both. Both types can be found in Kolkata in a range of sizes and costs.

About signature whisky

The best whisky among the various brands marketed in India is Signature Whisky. It was developed by United Spirits Ltd. in 1994 and is also referred to as McDowell’s Signature.

The other whiskies in the globe are now facing fierce competition from signature whisky. Its unusually sweet flavor and velvety aroma set it apart from other whisky brands.

Both the Signature Rare Aged Whisky and the Signature Premier Grain Whisky varieties are currently available in the Indian market. Choose Signature whisky if you have a significant budget. Despite the somewhat greater cost of Signature Whisky, you won’t regret it.

Brand NameSignature Whisky
Introduced in1994
ManufacturerUnited spirit Ltd
Alcohol Percentage42.8%
IngredientsAged Indian malts and aged scotch whisky
Appearance or ColorBright Amber
TasteSweet and smooth Some Bitter
VariantsSignature Rare Aged Signature Premier Grain.

The Ingredients

This whisky is created using three grains of whisky, significant Scotch malts, and aged Indian grains and malts. It is produced without the use of molasses.

While many whiskies in India flavor their products with additives, Signature Whisky doesn’t. It has a 42.8% alcohol content.

It won’t burn you if you drink it straight up. The first sip will bring out the faint smokiness you might have missed when nosing.

There might be a taste of butter toffee as well. Although it can be consumed neat, I don’t suggest it.

Water or iced soda work well with this whisky. Its flavor was quite good to me.

Signature whisky

How to drink Signature Whisky?

It is wonderfully sweet and smooth to drink Signature Whisky. Try drinking Signature Whisky neat or on the rocks to get the full flavor. If you can’t drink it straight, mix it with some ice, water, or soft drinks to mask the fragrance of the Signature Whisky. You can include soft drinks when making cocktails.

FAQ about signature whisky price in India | and further states.

What is the price of Signature Whisky 750 ml in Delhi?

The price of Signature whisky in Delhi 750ml is 850₹/-

Is Signature a good whisky?

Yes, Signature is among India’s best whiskies. The first batch of Signature whisky was made available in India in 1992 according to United Spirits Limited, a branch of Diageo.

What is the cost of Signature Rare Aged Whisky Price in Mumbai?

The price of a 750ml bottle of Signature Rare Aged Whisky in Mumbai is 1550 Rupees.

What is the signature whisky price in india

Signature Price in Mumbai 750ml ₹1350
Signature Price in Odisha 750ml ₹1100
Signature Price in Kolkata 750ml ₹1050
Signature Price in Kerala 750ml ₹1410
Signature Price in Punjab 750ml ₹800
Signature Price in Pune 750ml ₹980
Signature Price in Up 750ml ₹880
Signature Price in Haryana 750ml ₹780
Signature Price in Jharkhand 750ml ₹1050
Signature Price in Goa 750ml ₹550
Signature Price in Bangalore 750ml ₹1500

What is the price of Signature Whisky 750ml in Kerala?

The price of Signature whisky in Kerala 750ml is 1350 Rupees.


We really hope that this post has expanded on the price of Signature whisky price in India right now. It is crucial to realize that a number of factors, including state taxation, consumer demand, and production costs, influence the cost of alcoholic beverages.
Therefore, we suggest that you stop by your local merchant in order to get the precise price of Signature whisky in India.

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