Dot Whisky Price in India |750 ml Price Updated List.

Hii Guys We will give information about Dot whisky price in in this article. For more than a century, whiskey connoisseurs have cherished the classic blend of.

It is a newly launched whisky in india with premium taste and Low cost In this price range this whisky compete the premium whisky in India Now its available in few states like Punjab, Delhi(NCR) But the company will try to avail in more states they are working on it expand their availability in all states .

Lets know about the whisky prices features and their taste.

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Dot Whisky Price 750 Ml Price

Dot Whisky 90ml90₹/-
Dot Whisky180ml150₹/-
Dot Whisky375ml335₹/-
Dot Whisky750ml550₹/-
Dot Whisky Price

Details About Dot Whisky

Dot (Drink of Togetherness) Exemplifying our family’s another magical blend created using of Indian & Scottish malts. With characteristics of oak & vanillin, this drink of togetherness has natural notes & smooth texture which comes from maturing in American oak barrels.

The Dot Whisky has premium taste in low cost.Nose: Leafy, with hints of peat and a fruity aroma.Palate: Full bodied, mellow, buttery with some amount of sweetness.Finish: Pleasant, medium finish

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Whiskey is a type of alcoholic beverage created from fermented grain mash. Barley, corn, rye, and wheat are just a few of the grains that are utilized for many kinds (some of which may be malted). Whiskey is often matured in charred white oak casks that are constructed of wood. Other times, uncharred white oak barrels that had previously aged port, rum, or sherry are employed.

How To Drink Dot Whisky.

Depending on taste, there are various methods to enjoy White and Blue whiskey. Others prefer to dilution with water or ice, while some prefer to drink it plain (without any mixers or ice). Following are some whiskey drinking advice.

  1. Try Neat: To experience After Dark Whisky’s full flavor without adding water, try drinking After Dark Whisky Rum Neat.
  2. Drinking on the rocks: To receive a fuller refreshment, you can also drink by mixing it with ice if you want to avoid drinking it straight up.
  3. By mixing with water: Since many individuals don’t choose to drink their whisky neat or on the rocks, mixing it with ice-cold water is the finest option.
  4. By mixing with other beverages: This is a different approach to enjoy After Dark Whisky by creating cocktails, such as by combining it with various kinds of soft drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Dot Whisky?

What is Dot Whisky price in Delhi ?

The Dot Whisky price in delhi is 510₹/- for 750ml

What is the Taste of Dot Whisky?

It has premium Scotch whisky with Leafy with hints of peat and a Fruity aroma.

What is the Dot whisky price in Ludhiana ?

The price of dot whisky in ludhiana is 550₹/- for 750ml

What is the 750ml Dot whisky price in India?

The price of 750ml dot whisky in India 550₹/-

What is the price of Dot whisky in Punjab?

The price of Dot Whisky in punjab around 570₹ to 600₹/-


We really hope that this post has provided you with more details about the Dot whisky pricing in India right now. It is crucial to realize that a number of factors, including state taxation, consumer demand, and production costs, influence the cost of alcoholic beverages.Therefore, we suggest that you stop by your local alcohol merchant to get the precise price of Dot whisky in India.

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